We tend to work a good amount of weddings at Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth, Mass. And every time it seems like there’s a new twist. That’s the fun part of photographing so many weddings: seeing the subtle or not-so-subtle differences in how couples choose to celebrate love. Rachel and Sam chose none of the standard ceremony locations on the property, instead saying their vows along the row of trees running the edge of front yard. It was perfect and unique, like a … unicorn.

The problem with our site is the galleries really can only handle 15 images before they start to get overworked. If they could hold 100 I’d easily fill it with photos from this wedding.

Rachel loved the filter from Aubrey and Dustin’s wedding, so I treated a good amount with that, like I do with the batch of “favorites” from each wedding. We also treat them with two different black and white filters. They offer a different feel to the standard images. You’ll see images with the color filter when you flip through their gallery next.