Sparks Fly!June 18, 2017

CM blog

We were watching the weather radar at Warwick Country Club in Rhode Island. The storm system moved out in time for the ceremony to be held outdoors, but the skies remained dramatic, creating some amazing photos.

We’ve known Christina and Matt since photographing his sister’s wedding, and were so happy to be a part of their day, too. And they were game for some fun night-time photos during their reception. Steve did a great job with the lighting, including running sparklers behind them for the photo above. Find them in the gallery.

Making The Most Of The RainfallApril 2, 2017

JR blog

Jess and Ryan got married on a farm in Rhode Island, and provided enough umbrellas for their ceremony to be held outdoors as planned. The rain let up just as the ceremony ended and held off for the posed photos session. As they sang and danced the night away, the rain began coming down again. And that’s when we used it to our advantage. With Russ standing outside under an umbrella, he shined a light back toward the camera. It lit up the rainfall behind Jess and Ryan, who were under the cover of an overhang. It made for some amazing photos. We have not been lucky enough to experience this type of rain for a wedding since. But it’s an example of making the most of what nature provides. Check out the gallery.

Foliage for daysMarch 26, 2017

AK Blog

Alicia and Kevin were married at Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth, Mass., which is a short commute for us. The foliage cooperated, creating a nice golden backdrop and carpet for their newlywed photos on the golf course’s grounds. Outfitted with a couple of golf carts, we moved around the property to use the best of the foliage.

It seems like every year we end the wedding season with a tremendous wedding, and Alicia and Kevin’s kept the streak alive. For more images from their wedding day, check out the gallery.

Always Something Unique At Five Bridge InnJanuary 18, 2017

RS Blog 1

We tend to work a good amount of weddings at Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth, Mass. And every time it seems like there’s a new twist. That’s the fun part of photographing so many weddings: seeing the subtle or not-so-subtle differences in how couples choose to celebrate love. Rachel and Sam chose none of the standard ceremony locations on the property, instead saying their vows along the row of trees running the edge of front yard. It was perfect and unique, like a … unicorn.

The problem with our site is the galleries really can only handle 15 images before they start to get overworked. If they could hold 100 I’d easily fill it with photos from this wedding.

Rachel loved the filter from Aubrey and Dustin’s wedding, so I treated a good amount with that, like I do with the batch of “favorites” from each wedding. We also treat them with two different black and white filters. They offer a different feel to the standard images. You’ll see images with the color filter when you flip through their gallery next.

How it’s done.January 3, 2017


Katherine and Andy planned their first look and posed photos before the ceremony, the better to enjoy their cocktail hour. And from there we were off and running, prepared with lighting for when the reception spilled into the alleyway where the cupcake truck served up dessert.

We got to know these two pretty well between the client meetings, engagement shoot, and wedding. It’s the best when we get to work with genuinely nice people who love to laugh.

Overall it was a great day at DeWolf Tavern in Bristol, R.I. If only we could have stayed for the after party.

Check out the gallery. Please.